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Working with packages and pkg(7) in jail via CBSD

Command: pkg

% cbsd pkg

cbsd pkg - is wrapper around standard FreeBSD pkg(7) tools to use jname argument for more comfort work with the jail from the master host

Via mode= argument indicating a needed action. Values can be:

  • add, install - to install packages
  • remove - to remove packages
  • bootstrap - init pkg (normally done in the jail one times on creating)
  • info, query - execute queries info or query with the same syntax pkg
  • update - execute pkg update
  • upgrade - execute upgrade
  • clean - execute clean to purge pkg cache

For some commands (clean, update, upgrade) it is permissible jname= to specify as mask for performing the operation simultaneously in several jails

Keep in mind that must first be specified parameters mode and jname. All that comes after - not analyzed and treated pkg(7) as is.

In addition, please note that all operations are performed with the set environment variables ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES=yes and IGNORE_OSVERSION=yes to suppress the interactivity that basically, you need to work in automated scripts. If for some reason this does not work for you, use cbsd rexe to work with pkg directly.

Example1: Update pkg index files inside ALL containers:

% cbsd pkg mode=update jname='*'
Example2: Update ALL packages inside containers, whose name starts with redis*:

% cbsd pkg mode=upgrade jname='redis*'

Example3: Clear pkg cache in ALL containers:

% cbsd pkg mode=clean jname='*'
Example4: Get installed packages for box1 and for all jails with jname mask 'jail' (in CBSD 11.2.1+*):

% cbsd pkg mode=query jname=box1 %o
% cbsd pkg mode=query jname='jail*' %o
or that much better (in order to avoid the same name in different categories) indicate origin package, not the name:

% cbsd pkg mode=install jname=mytest1 shells/bash ftp/wget misc/mc

Example6: Upgrade mc package in jail1:

% cbsd pkg mode=upgrade jname=jail1 mc

Example7: Remove wget and lsof packages in box1 and mc from all jails with jname mask 'jail*' (in CBSD 11.2.1+):

% cbsd pkg mode=remove jname=box1 wget lsof
% cbsd pkg jname='jail*' mode=remove mc