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Jails list

jls command

% cbsd jls

Show the list of jails on a local node or for all added nodes. Through argument display you can specify the fields for output data. If display is not specified, the value takes from $workdir/etc/defaults/jls.conf file, which you can change at its discretion via $workdir/etc/jls.conf

All possible options for the sample described in the $workdir/share/jail-arg file

  • JID — Jail ID
  • JNAME — jail name
  • IP4_ADDR — list of assigned IP addresses (IPv4,IPv6)
  • PATH — root filesystem for jail
  • STATUS — On (running), Off (stoped), Unregister (jail has its rc.conf (old format) but not in the SQL database)

Note: Jail in the unregister status may be insert to SQL database via command: cbsd jregister. Also, they are automatically converted on Upgrading stage of cbsd initenv command. In a case when to the local server are added a key of remote of nodes, it is possible to receive the list of all jails in a farm via

cbsd jls alljails=1

cbsd jls alljails=1 shownode=1
for output with node name where jail are hosted. In the output from cbsd jls alljails, it is possible to see only active jails (in status On)


% cbsd jls

Conclusion customized data (Attention, dashes fields may mean that version of CBSD on the remote node is older. Respectively, SQL query in its database does not find relevant records)