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Jail export

jail command

% cbsd jexport



command execution allows on jail in status On. However it is necessary to remember (especially for jail with databases) when you import such jails, with a high probability it is possible to got problems with inconsistency filesystem in jails, old .pid files that can break work of the imported jails

Export jail into file (.img). In jname* arguments you can set jail for export. img-file stored in $workdir/export directory. Original jail after exports is not modified

You can control compress level via compress arguments

CBSD use xz(1), tools for compress images and you can learn in man page about compress diffrence between compress level.

By default CBSD use compress=6. You can disable compression with compress=0

Example (export mysqljail jail to $workdir/export/mysqljail.img):

% cbsd jexport jname=mysqljail