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Virtual Machine Import

command: bimport

% cbsd bimport


Import from image (* .img) virtual machine. The argument jname the full path to the file or the name of the image (without extension .img), which must be located in the appropriate directory ($workdir/import). img-file after the import is still in place. Additionally, you can import a virtual machine from an image in the alternate name (for example, you want to deploy the image of the debian1 from debian1.img, however, your system already has a VM with the same name). In this case, use the argument newjname


Import virtual machine from the file /tmp/debian1.img:

% cbsd bimport jname=/tmp/debian1.img

Import debian2.img placed in $workdir/import under new name debian5:

% cbsd bimport jname=debian2 newjname=debian5