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Attaching to terminal

command: bloginA

% cbsd blogin


Execute tmux session, connecting to the console output of the virtual machine

To disconnect from the terminal (and off tmux session), press the key combination: Ctrl+b, d (Hold Ctrl press b, release both key and hit d)


% cbsd blogin debian1

Starting with the version of CBSD 11.1.2, you can customize the command, redefining the action on you more suitable

This is achieved through the configuration file blogin.conf and the parameter login_cmd.

The file can be placed for the individual environment in the directory $workdir/jails-system/$jname/etc, and globally, overwriting the value from $workdir/etc/defaults/blogin.conf. To do this, create a file with your configuration in the directory $workdir/etc/

With a custom call, you can use CBSD variables - for this or that environment

For example, if you want instead of the standard behavior, when the blogin launched the VNC client, the file $workdir/etc/blogin.conf can look like this:

login_cmd="su -m user -c \"vncviewer ${bhyve_vnc_tcp_ipconnect}:${vm_vnc_port}\""

If you want the ssh connection to occur, this file might look like this:

login_cmd="/usr/bin/ssh your_user@${ipv4_first}"