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Networking scenarios

By default reggae network-init will set up configuration for desktop/laptop environment. If you need router or server with similar capabilities, there are only few things to change.


Just add interface(s) to bridge:

ifconfig cbsd0 addm re0

To make it permanent, just append addm re0 to the ifconfig_cbsd0=... line in /etc/rc.conf.


Add interface to bridge (like for router) and stop/destroy network jail. The difference compared to router is that the interface you add to bridge is egress so check /etc/pf.conf for comments about adding egress to bridge. Also, any configuration you have for egress interface should be removed and bridge interface should have IP address that egress had. For example, if you had ifconfig_re0="inet" before, it should be changed to ifconfig_re0="up" and ifconfig_cbsd0="inet <the rest of the options>".