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Install Reggae from ports or pkg:

make -C /usr/ports/sysutils/reggae install
pkg install -y reggae

Initialize PF, CBSD and ZFS dataset:

reggae network-init # it sets up PF, which you should (re)start
reggae cbsd-init
reggae master-init # creates resolver and dhcp jail called "network"

In most cases, the default config is acceptable, but if you want to change something /usr/local/etc/reggae.conf is the right place

Create service

Create simple service

mkdir myservice
cd myservice
reggae init

Create service with shell and ansible provisioners

mkdir myservice
cd myservice
reggae init shell ansible

Create project

Project consists of multiple services

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
reggae project-init

Resulting Makefile is this:

REGGAE_PATH = /usr/local/share/reggae
#SERVICES = consul \
#      letsencrypt \
#      ldap \
#      mail \
#      jabber \
#      webmail \
#      web \
#      webconsul

.include <${REGGAE_PATH}/mk/>

Every service that is commented out is created using reggae init and edited to add extra functionality.