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FreeBSD: syslog and debugging


Starting from CBSD 11.1.19 You can use the syslog subsystem to collect messages that occur during the process of CBSD scripts

The configuration file for the log subsystem: ~cbsd/etc/defaults/logger.conf. Create new file ~cbds/etc/logger.conf to override the default values.

Using the syslog configuration file, you can redirect all messages of CBSD in a separate file and in the future use different solutions for the collection and analysis of messages.


*.*                     /var/log/cbsd.log
And create empty file:

touch /var/log/cbsd.log

After syslog restarting, messages from CBSD can be read in a file /var/log/cbsd.log


If you encounter an error in the script, you can get a trace of all sh commands executed by running a particular CBSD script through the CBSD_DEBUG environment variable, for example:

env CBSD_DEBUG=1 cbsd jls