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Commands reference

Command Description
initenv Node re-initialization


Command Description
bcheckpoint bhyve checkpoint
bclone bhyve cloning
bconfig Configure for bhyve
bconstruct-tui Ncurses based bhyve guest creation wizard
bcontrol-tui Ncurses based control for bhyve
bcreate Create bhyve from config file
bexport Export bhyve into image
bget Get info related to bhyve domain
bhyve-controller Manage bhyve controller
bhyve-controller-tui TUI for bhyve storage controller
bhyve-dsk Manage bhyve ahci/virtio disk
bhyve-dsk-list Show disk images from database
bhyve-nvme Manage bhyve NVMe storage controller
bhyve-nvme-tui TUI for bhyve NVMe storage controller
bhyve-p9shares Manage bhyve p9 shared folders
bhyve-ppt Manage bhyve ppt devices
bimport Import bhyve from image
blogin Exec login into bhyve
bls List bhyve domain and status
border List bhyve run order
border-tui Ncurses based bhyve order editor
bpause Pause and resume for bhyve domain (send STOP/CONT signal to bhyve vm process)
bremove Destroy bhyve domain
brename Rename bhyve
brestart bhyve bstop bstart sequence
bset Modify parameter for bhyve
bsetup-tui Ncurses based setup for bhyve-arg
bstart Start bhyve domain
bstop Stop bhyve domain
buildkernel Build kernel from sources
buildworld Buildworld from sources
distribution make distribtion for FreeBSD base
installkernel Build kernel from sources
installworld Installbase from obj
kernel Build kernel from sources
objls List of object file
removebase Remove base dir
removekernel Remove base dir
vhidcfg-tui Edit properties for vitual image of VM
world Buildworld from sources


Command Description
expose Exposing a port to jail from master host
j2prepare Prepare remote node for accepting jail via j2slave
j2slave Transfer jail as slave jail to remote node
jcleanup Force unmount and cleanup for offline jail
jclone Jail cloning
jcoldmigrate Cold migrate (with save status) jail to remote node, set local jail as slave
jconfig Configure for jail
jcontrol-tui Ncurses based control for jail
jcreate Create jail from config file. If jail exist and autorestart=1 - jset will be used to update params.
jdescr Show or modify jail description
jexec Execution for command inside jail
jexport Export jail into image
jget Get info related to jail
jimport Import jail from image
jlogin Exec login into jail
jls List and show status of jails
jmkrcconf Create ascii rc.conf for jail
jmkrctlconf Import or export from/to ascii rctl.conf from/to SQLite3 tables for jail
jorder List jail run order
jpause Pause and resume for jail (send STOP/CONT signal to jail processes)
jrclone Clone jail to remote machine
jrctl Set or flush resource limit for jail
jrctl-tui Dialog based UI for RACCR/RCTL
jregister Register jail records to SQLite from ASCii config or re-populate ASCii config from SQLite
jremove Destroy jail
jrename Rename jail
jrestart jail jstop jstart sequence
jset Modify parameter for jail
jsetup-tui Ncurses based setup for jail-arg
jsnapshot Jail snapshot management
jstart Start jail
jstatus Return jail ID in output and jail existance as error code (0: no jail, 1: jail exist)
jstop Stop jail
jswmode Jail switch mode between master/slave
junregister Register jail records to SQLite from ASCii config or re-populate ASCii config from SQLite
jupgrade Upgrade jail base data when baserw=1
jwhereis Return node for jname
sockstat return list open sockets for jail


Command Description
ndescr Show or modify node description
nlogin Login to remote node and/or exec command
node Manipulate or show information for remote nodes


Command Description
bases Show BSD bases
baseupdate Update base jail
carpcfg Enable CARP configuration
delete-old-libs make delete-old and delete-old-libs for base
forms Ncurses-based jail image boostrap helper
geli cbsd geli helper
getnics-by-ip Return network interface name by ip
help This help
history Show cbsd history command
initenv-tui Node re-initialization
jail2iso Convert jail into cd9660 ISO or memstick image
jailmapdb Return or update node for jail map in ASCII file
jbackup Backup jail to slave node with slave status
jconstruct console dialog for jail creation
jconstruct-tui Ncurses based jail creation wizard
jorder-tui Ncurses based jail order editor
kernels Show BSD kernels
makejconf Make jailv2 config file
makescene Make jail by scenario file
media Operate with virtual storage media such as ISO
mountfstab Mount jail by fstab file
natcfg Enable NAT service for RFC1918 Networks
natcfg-tui Configuring NAT in text-user dialog
natoff Disable NAT service for RFC1918 Networks
naton Enable NAT service for RFC1918 Networks
netinv Update Network-related information in inventory tables
portsup Update FreeBSD ports tree in /usr/ports
removeobj Remove obj-dir
removesrc Remove src-dir
repo Working with CBSD Repository
retrinv Fetch sqldb from remote node
rexe Execute remote command using ssh on the node
rsyncdoff Disable RSYNC service for jail migration
rsyncdon Enable RSYNC service for jail migration
show_profile_list Operate with bhyve disk images and database
sources Show BSD sources
srcpatch Apply CBSD patch for FreeBSD source tree in /usr/jails/src
srcup Update FreeBSD source tree in /usr/jails/src
sshkey Manage node ssh key: replace or update new pair in CBSD .ssh directory
summary Show summary statistics for the farm
sysinv Collect and/or update system-related information in inventory tables
trafstat Show traffic statistics for the virtual environment
unmountfstab Unmount jail by fstab file
upgrade Upgrade base and/or kernel from other prepared hier
xconstruct-tui Ncurses based Xen guest creation wizard


Command Description
xcheckpoint xen checkpoint
xconfig Configure XEN domain
xcreate Create jail from config file
xget Get info related to xen domain
xls List XEN domain and status
xremove Destroy XEN domain
xset Modify parameter for jail
xsetup-tui Ncurses based setup for jail-arg
xstart Start XEN domain
xstop Stop jail